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Family Group Conference continuing education course

A family group conference (FGC) is a meeting between close family members, other relatives, friends and acquaintances at which an attempt is made to find solutions to serious problems. The FGC process is therefore an opportunity for a family to exercise control of its future, even in the face of severe difficulties.

This continuing education course offers people with initial training in psychosocial support the chance to gain an additional qualification in the implementation of FGC.  

Target group

The course is aimed at people with initial training in psychosocial support. Participants learn about the stages of FGC, and on completion, are qualified to oversee and implement the process. The course is committed to upholding European FGC standards and was created with the intention of increasing the number of active FGC coordinators in the region and promoting the wider use of FGC in social work.

Research at the Department of Social Sciences

The Ilse Arlt Institute at St. Pölten UAS bundles together and coordinates the research and development activities tied to the university's social work degree programmes.

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