Adult Protection Act, Residential Care Act, Hospitalisation Act

Continuing Education Course

The new Adult Protection Act has been in force since the 1st of July 2018. With its new legal instruments for the representation of adults who are not competent to make decisions, it replaces the custodial law that has existed since 1984. In the seminar, the new features and transitional provisions of the new legal situation are presented and the first experiences with the amendment to the law in practise are dealt with. Special topics can be expanded on according to interest including: the various options for self-care, court procedure and clearing by the adult-protection association, adult representation with and without approval requirement, procedure for operations and medical treatments, residency requirements, custody of children of parents who are not decision competent etc. Also addressed in this regard is the interplay between the regulations of the Hospitalisation Act and the Residential Care Act, which form the legal bases of intervention contexts in personal-freedom restrictions. 

Course contents

  • The four pillars of adult representation
  • Prerequisites and procedures, judicial monitoring
  • Effectiveness of legal transactions
  • Surgery and medical treatments
  • Residence requirements and permanent change of residence
  • Freedom restrictions according to the Hospitalisation Act and the Residential Care Act


Elisabeth Weber-Schigutt

Graduate social worker, solicitor, registered mediator in civil-law matters, training in applied psychotraumatology in counselling and pedagogy (trauma counsellor), leadership of the AKUTteam Lower Austria at the Lower Austrian Provincial Academy, independent lecturing and teaching at St. Pölten UAS and Danube University Krems.

Gerlinde Bieringer

Solicitor, registered mediator, systemic coach; further education in mobbing, conflict counselling and hypnosystemic counselling; over ten years active as a patient advocate in the LNK Mauer practically as a pioneer in this professional field and for more than 15 years as Branch Manager at the Lower Austrian Provincial Association for Guardianship and Resident Representation in the Gst. Amstetten and Persenbeug; for 20 years in family counselling in the court at BG Amstetten for women's counselling Amstetten.