Applied Psychotraumatology for Social Workers

Continuing Education Course
  • Qualification awarded:
  • Duration:
    18 training units à 45 minutes, 2 days
  • Places per year:
    15 (at least)
  • Language of instruction:
  • Course fees:
    EUR 280
  • Trainer:
    Elisabeth Weber-Schigutt
  • Location:
    St. Pölten UAS
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Social workers are increasingly confronted with clients who have been subjected to incidents of extreme stress, or whose means of subsistence has been suddenly threatened due to circumstances beyond their control such as war, necessity to seek refuge, accidents, sudden death in the family or crimes. These profound experiences and mental scars often have lasting consequences. Many of these clients are not being treated and will perhaps never seek treatment. However, they are likely to come into contact with social workers in a variety of ways. Social work activities can therefore make a significant contribution to a stabilisation in the conditions of these clients and helping them to cope with their traumatic experiences.

Course contents

  • Psychotraumatology
    explanatory models | symptoms and history | risk and protective factors | reactions, coping strategies and disorders
  • Interventions
    stabilization techniques | information of trauma therapy (by specialist trauma therapists)
  • Self-care for social workers

Course instructor

Elisabeth Weber-Schigutt

Qualified social worker, lawyer, registered civil rights mediator, trainer in applied psychotraumatology for counselling and social pedagogy (trauma counsellor). Lecturer at St. Pölten UAS and NÖ Landesakademie.