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Migrant rights in Austria

Further Education course

Which family members can a legally-resident person in Austria "bring" to Austria and under what conditions? Who else can immigrate to Austria? When is an existing right of residence endangered? What is the difference between the residence rights of EEA citizens compared to third-country nationals? And what exactly are the income requirements necessary for naturalisation?

In practising the various fields of social work one meets people without Austrian citizenship. The right of establishment is one of the social and legal areas in which these people operate. In order to understand and provide orientation in their situation, it is therefore helpful to acquire or refresh basic knowledge of this legal matrix.

Course contents

  • The most important terms of the NAG (Establishment and Residence Act)
  • The essential residence permits
  • General and special prerequisites for granting residence permits
  • The right of residence for EEA citizens and their relatives
  • Fundamentals of citizenship law


Georg Atzwanger

Solicitor, legal secretary and legal advisor on the right of establishment as well as political advisor on integration for Caritas in the Archdiocese of Vienna, long-time lecturer for the Caritas course "Asylum and Immigration"; Associate Lecturer for immigration law at St. Pölten UAS; seminars on the Austrian right of residence.

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