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Social-service organisations engage in a variety of exchanges with other organisations: funding bodies, donors, users and their relatives. They try more or less intensively to communicate their concerns to the political and public sphere. Social-service organisations are always (also) organisations with a "mission". The success of this "mission" essentially depends on whether and how the messages reach their target audience.

The short seminar deals with old experiences and new insights, with classic and new instruments of communication by organisations with their target groups, especially with the interested public.

Course contents

  • Reflection on previous experiences (own) organisational communication
  • Effectiveness of different forms of communication
  • Classic forms - effectiveness and potential for improvement
  • New forms of communication
  • Ideas and experiences with new imaginative forms of communication, e.g. "non-violent direct action"
  • The problem of not just “preaching” to the "already converted"


Tom Schmid

Political scientist with additional training in social management, Professor for social policy at St. Pölten UAS; Associate Lecturer at Krems UAS, at the Alpe-Adria University Klagenfurt/Celovec as well as at Danube University Krems; experiences in labour-market supervision in Lower Austria as well as Secretary for social policy in the GPA-djp; since 2012 Executive Director of DAS BAND; Chairman of the association Sozaktiv, member of the board of the Socioeconomic Research Centre.

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