Professional Opinions and Reports in Social Work

Continuing Education Course
  • Qualification awarded:
  • Duration:
    16 training units à 45 minutes, 2 days
  • Places per year:
    15 (at least)
  • Language of instruction:
  • Course fees:
    EUR 250
  • Trainer:
    Karin Goger
  • Location:
    St. Pölten UAS
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Social workers are required to write many different forms of professional opinions, for inclusion in applications for financial support, final reports on interventions and recommendations for further interventions, for example. Opinions must therefore be prepared with professional rigour and apply the objectives and rules of social case work. Written opinions enable conclusions to be drawn in relation to professionalism, professional knowledge and the application of ethical standards, and preparing them is one of the most demanding aspects of social work.

Course content

  • Types of professional opinions/reports and why they are required
  • Professional standards for the preparation of opinions/reports
  • The process of writing opinions/reports
  • Critical analysis of case reports
  • The required standards of writing
  • Ethical considerations
  • Participants practice what they have learned by writing an opinion/report
  • Feedback on the reports written by participants


Karin Goger

Qualified social worker, sociologist, supervisor and management consultant (ÖVS), psychotherapist in training, case manager (DGCC), case management trainer (DGCC).

Lecturer at St. Pölten UAS and the universities of applied sciences in Linz, Graz, Krems and Pinkafeld, freelance trainer and coach. Psychotherapist in training at an advice centre for women and in independent practice.