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In Austria, since social-policy entitlements can as a rule only be redeemed through submitted applications and this is often not understood by clients, many social-rights claims that clients are actually entitled to are in practise not recognised. This high non-take-up rate of legally entitled social benefits is a major factor in social inequality. Active social-law information is therefore a measure of social-distribution policy. Distribution of knowledge precedes the distribution of services and resources. Social workers in this seminar will be empowered to update their knowledge of possible benefit entitlements and will be able to pass this knowledge on more effectively.

Course contents

  • Need and demand
  • Development of the social system (insurance - care - welfare)
  • Insurance services according to federal law (social insurance and unemployment benefits)
  • Care (care security, victims' rights laws) and welfare (compensatory allowance, emergency assistance)
  • Statutory and voluntary services, the ruling and the labour- and social-welfare court
  • Practising these relationships and impact patterns using the example of somewhat complex cases


Tom Schmid

Political scientist with additional training in social management, Professor for social policy at St. Pölten UAS; Associate Lecturer at Krems UAS, at the Alpe-Adria University Klagenfurt/Celovec as well as at Danube University Krems; experiences in labour-market supervision in Lower Austria as well as Secretary for social policy in the GPA-djp; since 2012 Executive Director of DAS BAND; Chairman of the association Sozaktiv, member of the board of the Socioeconomic Research Centre.

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