Career Prospects

Master programme Social Work

With a degree you are qualified to work in all areas of social work. You are especially well-prepared for advisory, organisational and management responsibilities in the social and healthcare services sector, including project planning and evaluation. Your job prospects are therefore excellent in all areas of the welfare system, and many areas of healthcare.

Graduates assume roles such as:

  • Case manager
  • Head of institute or team leader
  • Voluntary worker coordinator
  • Project manager
  • Area supervisor
  • Complex case expert
  • Social work expert as part of a multi-professional team
  • Evaluator
  • Inclusion and socioeconomic empowerment of vulnerable groups
  • Professionals for people with complex support needs (e.g., intensive users of the social and health care system)
  • Community work and community care

In combination with professional experience, this master programme opens up opportunities for career progression into management positions.