Course Content

Master programme Social Work

Competences in subjects such as Organisation & society, Research, Development and innovation, Methodology & case study, Management skills, International law, and Ethics.

Students can choose between advanced courses:

  • Case management
  • General social work

The decision which of the two advanced courses to choose is made in the course of the first semester.

Case management

focuses on questions concerning the organisation of case-related support in multidisciplinary settings with multi-organisational protagonists. In this advanced course students deal with networking methods for a cooperation with other professions, gain explanatory and practical knowledge as well as knowledge of medical and social care and infrastructure and their legal basis.  

In addition to their Master Diploma graduates receive a certificate for Case Management which qualifies them for the planning and coordinating of help and support services most closely meeting their clients' needs.   

General social work

General social work understands social work as the applied, historically and theoretically based practice of professional and voluntarily acting support networks. Courses focus on innovative and project based concepts of social work for organisations, politics and administration and take into account the changing society. The advanced course qualifies the student for front-line-praxis, conception as well as practical research and development of modern welfare.