Course contents

Master programme Social Work

The curriculum encompasses organisation and society, research, development and innovation, methodology and case analysis, management skills, international law, and ethics.

Students select one of two advanced specialisation options:

  • Case Management
  • General Social Work

They make their choice at the end of semester 2.

Case Management

Students opting for this specialisation focus on aspects of organising case-related support in multidisciplinary settings with multiple organisational actors. They examine methods of liaising with other professions, acquire know-why and know-how, and gain insights into medical and social care and infrastructure as well as the corresponding legal frameworks.  

Graduates with this specialisation receive a case management certificate qualifying them to plan and coordinate support services which are tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

General Social Work

In this specialisation, general social work is understood as the applied, historically- and theoretically-based practices of professional and voluntary support networks. Its courses focus on innovative and project-based social work concepts for organisations, policy makers and public administration against the backdrop of a changing society. Graduates with this specialisation are qualified to work in frontline social work, planning, and applied research and development for the creation of social and health services fit for today’s society.