Course Contents

Bachelor programme Social Work

The degree programme qualifies you for activities in all areas of social work. You will acquire sound knowledge of social work methods and learn to apply them in practice.

During your studies, you will reflect on your own professional development and prepare scientific analyses of current cases.

Specialisation options

Focusing on specific topics, you will acquire the relevant areas of competence in social work in 10 module areas and elective options.

International Week

You will go on a study trip and establish contacts with international networks.

Multi-professional teams: Health

You also choose between

  • Social geriatrics and palliative care or
  • People with disabilities and rehabilitation

Bachelor thesis

You will work intensively in a team on a selected social work issue.

Window of Opportunity

In the 6th semester, you choose an in-depth course on a current topic or take part in an interdisciplinary project.

Interdisciplinary Elective Module

The iLab programme allows you to participate in an interdisciplinary and intercultural project semester with the working language being English. 

A strong practical focus

You complete 540 hours of work experience, and have the option of completing your placements abroad or at a partner institution. On placements, you are given the supervision and support you require to gradually take on real duties and responsibilities in the area of social work in which you intend to work.