An admission to the Creative Pre-Incubator means two semesters of support for an innovative business idea. Experts are available free of charge to support your idea.

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Apply with an innovative idea as an individual or in a team, either as a graduate or student for admission to the Creative Pre-Incubator (CPI). In the Creative Pre-Incubator you can finalise your idea under professional guidance, continue working on the business case, exchange ideas with other teams, or receive critical feedback from experts. So nothing can get in the way of your start-up!

The Application in Detail

  1. If you would like to receive advice before applying and have your idea subjected to an initial check, send a brief description of yourself, the team and/or the idea by email at any time.
  2. Send key points of the project or business idea, or a description of your know-how or why you would like to support a project team including a short CV by email until 15 September 2024. Only in rare instances with provided justification, submissions will be accepted until September 16, 2024.
    (Support for the detailed description or for the outline of a business plan can be provided in advance, if required. Please request this via email.)
  3. There is always the opportunity to ask the CPI team specific (organisational) questions about the Creative Pre-Incubator by email ( and to receive helpful tips for the pitch.
  4. If your application is convincing, you will pitch it in front of an independent jury in St. Pölten in the fall of 2023 and subsequently learn whether you have been accepted into the CPI.

Subject to changes and postponements.

Who Can Apply?

Teams or individuals, students, and graduates of the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences with a creative, innovative business idea, persons with special know-how or management qualities can apply. The preliminary conditions of participation can be found here.
The selected students or graduates will be individually supported for two semesters in the further development of the idea and the team or will be supervised during the start-up. Coworking spaces in St. Pölten and Vienna are available to the teams.
Questions about the application process and the Creative Pre-Incubator in general will be answered by email.