fhSPACEtv is an interdisciplinary initiative of the fields of study Media Technology and Digital Media Technologies / Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies under the direction of FH-Prof. Mag. Markus Wintersberger, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Müller and Thomas Wagensommerer, MSc. This cooperation attempts to merge creative and artistic potential within the departments of the UAS and to integrate specific approaches and requirements for the digital medium by gathering contemporary and alternative information channels and forms of presentation in a pool for students. 

Since May 2008 exciting and innovative broadcast blocks, partly experimental image videos, and public forms of presentation have been developed and put into practice. These show a wide, but sensitive approach from a technical as well as from an artistic and creative perspective to the topic Audio/Video Media. Since then the team of this cooperation has grown to become an integrative and collaborative part of various national and international cultural festivals. The cultural landscape of Lower Austria cannot anymore be imagined without the fhSPACEtv.

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