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Are you a creative spirit with no business plan? Are you a manager type with no team? Do you have special know-how and want to contribute to a team? If you have a good idea and want to harvest your knowledge, or project management is your strength but you do not yet have a team; then you are in good hands in the Creative Pre-Incubator (CPI). Team building is an important element in the CPI.

What is the Creative Pre-Incubator?

In the Creative Pre-Incubator you transform your idea into a successful business, you have the opportunity to build a team and find people to augment your team with know-how. You are introduced to the start-up scene, get to know potential investors and business angels and find your way into the funding landscape.

Support from idea to launch

You learn whether a patent makes sense for your idea, receive pitch training and coaching, learn how to set up a financial plan and write a business plan that is specifically tailored to your idea and your project. Workshops show you how to present yourself in front of the camera and you have the opportunity to practice correct handling of the media. Regular jour fixes and status-quo presentations as well as individual support guarantee your team’s progress to a successful launch. Additionally, there is a co-working space available to you in St. Pölten (near St. Polten UAS).

Important basic information

Target groups are:
  • full-time students (Bachelor and Master) at St. Pölten UAS,
  • part-time students in further-education courses at St. Pölten UAS and
  • graduates of St. Pölten UAS (successful completion of studies within the last twelve months at the time of the online application).
Duration: 2 semesters
Contents: The programme includes: individual support in the implementation of your own start-up, free workshops, preparation of a business plan or further development of a business case, coaching and personal advice, introduction to the start-up scene, networking i.a. with investors, business angels and business operators, co-working space in St. Pölten and inclusion in the funding landscape. In addition, links are established between business angels, investors and young people with entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas as well as know-how.

Previous successes

St. Pölten UAS was a pioneer in Austria with the support programme Creative Pre-Incubator. Meanwhile, a number of successful start-ups have grown out of the CPI: gatherer (2 minutes 2 million), MotEx (pitched at the Forum Alpbach), Slice of Reality (State Award for Digital Solutions) to name only a few.

Who is behind the CPI?

The Creative Pre-Incubator is a cooperation between St. Pölten UAS and accent Gründerservice GmbH (Ltd.) and is supported by the Province of Lower Austria (economy, tourism & technology) and the European Regional Development Fond (EFRE). Application for and participation in the CPI is free. Admission to the programme includes: workshops, consultation hours, coaching, individual support, assistance in the development of a business plan and further work on a business case. In return, the teams and individuals in the CPI are expected to further develop their idea and project. Apart from this, St. Pölten UAS makes no demands on your developed project such as participations, shareholdings or the like.


Apply with an innovative idea as an individual or in a team for inclusion in the Creative Pre-Incubator. In the Creative Pre-Incubator, you can conceptualize your idea under professional guidance, continue working on the business case, exchange ideas with other teams or receive critical feedback from professionals. You can receive further information by e-mail:

You want to know more? Feel free to ask!

Creative Pre-Incubator

St. Pölten UAS: Mag. Ulrike Wieländer
accent Gründerservice: Peiman Zamani