Consulting Lab

The Consulting Lab is an interdisciplinary lab for health and social sciences that allows for the training of various communicative settings.

Lab users have the possibility to

  • train without being disturbed
  • or transfer conversations to any seminar room in real time, thereby turning them into an active part of a course.
  • Alternatively, users can always record sequences.


The equipment has been carefully chosen to offer an authentic environment for both one-on-one talks and small group settings. The purpose is to train

  • consultations within the framework of nutritional therapy
  • explanatory conversations that take place in healthcare and nursing
  • the instruction of relatives
  • instruction courses for diabetics
  • etc.

and to monitor them at the same time.

Various training materials, moulages as well as visual and consultation materials are available.

The lab is equipped with a large mobile monitor and a Microsoft Teams Room System. Two flexible wireless microphones can be used to make highly comprehensible recordings of all conversational situations or to transfer them.

Where can I find the lab on campus?

📍 Consulting Lab: B.2.11 – Download Navigation Guide (PDF)