Usability Lab

Usability Labor 1


  • The lab consists of two rooms separated by a mirrored wall, which allows for undisturbed conversations and prevents the participants from feeling observed.
  • Externally controlled cameras ensure precise observation.
  • In addition to an office workstation, the lab features comfortable furniture for a living room-like atmosphere to make the test persons feel at ease in the various test scenarios.
  • In this setting, uninvolved persons can test the usability of websites and applications using the software Morae that is additionally available in mobile form as well.
  • The system is complemented by a stationary eye-tracking solution for the testing of applications and websites on the PC, and by a mobile eye-tracking system (eye-tracking glasses) used for the research of advertising impact and for testing mobile applications.
  • For haptic tests, the lab contains a 3D printer which allows the students to create tangible prototypes of cases or operating elements.

Usability Labor 2

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