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Nobody Is Omniscient

Nobody Is Omniscient

Michael Hiesinger

The current edition of our magazine “future“ deals with the subject of Future Work Skills. What we wanted to know: name three things that everyone in your profession has to be able to do! Are “Future Work Skills” a relevant topic for you? How do you stay fit for the working world of the future?

Student Michael Hiesinger:

Three Skills:

I’m currently active in a social gastronomy business, which takes perseverance, flexibility, a willingness to experiment, and an acceptance of the fact that I don’t know everything.

Relevant Topic:

My field of activity is not a traditional one, which means that many things that I have learned do not apply to my job. In concrete situations, I have to (re)act individually and flexibly. There are no patent solutions.

Working World of the Future:

If you want to bring about change and establish new structures, you have to try new things. Many of these will not work – this is a fact that you have to accept. Also, you have to discard the belief that you know the ways of the world. Nobody is omniscient.

Michael Hiesinger is a graduate of the bachelor degree programme Social Work at the St. Pölten UAS. In his final thesis, he deals with motivational conversation techniques in initial interviews within the framework of low-threshold addiction counselling.