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First E³UDRES² Hackathon

Eudres Hackathon at St. Poelten UAS
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The European University Alliance E³UDRES², which is coordinated by the St. Pölten UAS, has recently hosted its very first E³UDRES² Hackathon. The event was held under the motto of “Smart & Sustainable Regions”.

Within the framework of the international Hackathon, teams of students and staff members of the E³UDRES² universities and external persons worked for 36 hours on challenges submitted by regional stakeholders.

A total of 63 persons participated in the Hackathon. 3 international teams were awarded with prizes for their ideas on the submitted tasks:

Using Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

The first prize went to a team that worked on the challenge “Using AI to Find the Right Talent that Fits within our Company” submitted by ABN Cleanroom Technology.

They developed the AI platform “A.R.T” (AI-Powered Recruiting Technology). The platform analyses language, answers and values in CVs and offers automated question and answer sessions and skills tests. In addition, the platform allows to conduct an automated interview through artificial intelligence, which is then followed by an interview with the recruiter.

Neighbourhood Network for Developing Activities

The second place went to a team that developed the open-source platform “NENA — The Neighborhood Network”. The app is designed to allow for the development and announcement of neighbourhood activities that are initiated by citizens, organisations and associations. The app is supposed to invite citizens to participate, demonstrate the progress of the project, and help spread information about events and projects in municipalities. The aim is to connect municipalities and their citizens. The challenge “NENA — The Neighborhood Network” was submitted by the Lower Austrian Provincial Government.

Vineyard Quality Control

The third price was awarded to the idea on the challenge “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Tools for Pest Control in Vineyards” submitted by the Portuguese Viticulture Association AVIPE. The participants developed the concept “PLAGA INQUISITOR”: a plan to offer vine growers mentoring on digital technologies by students of engineering universities to install a remote control for pheromone-based traps against pests.

Each of the six higher education institutions involved organised supervisors and rooms on site as well as food and beverages for the Hackathon. Among other things, the online framework programme featured Yoga sessions transmitted from the partner universities in Belgium and Hungary.

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