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BlackHoodie Is Back at the St. Pölten UAS

In December, the all-women Reverse Engineering Bootcamp, which is exclusively held for women, goes back to its roots – to St. Pölten.

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At last, after four years have passed, BlackHoodie returns to Austria on 7 and 8 December 2019. A proud co-organiser and event venue for the internationally successful Reverse Engineering Bootcamps exclusively for women, the St. Pölten UAS was the first institution to host the event back in 2015.

The project was initiated by Marion Marschalek, graduate of the study programmes IT Security and Information Security.

Since then, BlackHoodie events have been conquering the world, being staged in Luxembourg, Berlin, Bochum, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, Mountain View, Redmond and San Francisco. The number of participants has been consistently rising, peaking at 80 most recently.

Bootcamp Exclusively for Women

The two-day bootcamp is aimed explicitly and exclusively at women in order to make the complex topic of low-level security attractive to this target group. As this field is still dominated by men, getting started often seems difficult for women in the beginning.

"The ratio of women in demanding areas such as software and hardware reverse engineering or binary exploitation is currently below 10 percent. However, such jobs open up many opportunities and are generally well paid. We hope to spark an interest in complex security issues with this initiative”, says initiator Marion Marschalek.

IT security is a very broad field that is often intimidating for women. Therefore, BlackHoodie seeks to make complex security topics tangible, and combat many of these stereotypes. This field of activity is to be opened up for interested and motivated women in an environment where participants can expand their skills without the pressure to compete with others. The aim is to strengthen their self-confidence, establish networks and pursue common interests.

The event offers two parallel sessions on the topics of Android reverse engineering und mobile hacking. In addition, so-called lightning talks are held where participants have the opportunity to talk about their own projects and activities.

Please find more on the programme on 7 and 8 December 2019 here.

Further Information and Registration

The event itself is free of charge for all participants. The working language is English. Participants are asked to bring a laptop with at least 8 GB RAM and approx. 25 GB free storage space for virtual machines.

Please note: The participants are required to cover travelling and accommodation costs by themselves. However, in addition to providing a typical Austrian dinner, the university of applied sciences as the host will offer snacks and sufficient amounts of coffee throughout the entire event.