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campus.stories: Andreas Jakl

UAS Lecturer Andreas Jakl looks forward to the new labs at the Campus St. Pölten in particular.

campus.stories: Andreas Jakl
Andreas Jakl
Copyright: St. Pölten UAS / Florian Stix

Andreas Jakl is a lecturer in the study programme Digital Healthcare of the St. Pölten UAS. In this interview, he gives us an insight into how his work will change with the Campus St. Pölten and which new technologies the UAS will benefit from.

What are you looking forward to in particular when it comes to the new campus?

Jakl: The best thing for me is the extra space we will have for state-of-the-art technical equipment. Many of our projects address topics that did not exist in their present form back when the St. Pölten UAS was built. In the construction of the new building, however, it was taken into account how innovations such as Virtual Reality, language assistance and 3D printing can be better integrated into the labs.

How will your daily work change?

Jakl: Thanks to the new open spaces and working concepts, we can improve our usual way of thinking out of the box even further. When it comes to research, it is particularly important to think and work in an interdisciplinary manner. In our department, for example, the Home Bases are systematically distributed between the different technology groups: we work on all sorts of topics in the individual projects, from healthcare to industry. The new campus will provide us with the ideal spaces to foster interdisciplinary exchange.

What is it that makes the new campus a “Campus of the Future” for you?

Jakl: Apart from the modern architecture, it is especially the technical equipment that will allow us to integrate cutting-edge technologies even better into teaching and research in future. The new campus itself is a beautiful symbol of how much the St. Pölten UAS has grown and developed further both in size and in terms of content. This growth and expansion offer room for many new projects.

Here you will find current information about the new Campus St. Pölten.

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FH-Prof. Jakl Andreas, MSc

FH-Prof. Andreas Jakl, MSc

Lecturer Department of Media and Digital Technologies
FH-Prof. Doppler Jakob, MSc

FH-Prof. Jakob Doppler, MSc

Academic Director Digital Healthcare (MA)
Department Media and Digital Technologies
Coordinator Center for Digital Health Innovation Deputy Head of Department
Department Health Sciences
Member of the UAS Board from 2020 to 2023