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Get to know: E³UDRES² European University

E³UDRES² is a European University Alliance that follows the idea "From Europe – For Europe"

E³UDRES², the Enganged and Entrepreneurial European University as Driver for Smart and Sustainable European Regions, is a network of six higher education institutions located all over Europe. St. Pölten UAS is not only part of E³UDRES² but also taking the leading part in this alliance. 

Together as E³UDRES², the institutions promote the development of small and medium-sized cities and their rural environments into smart and sustainable European regions, and also explore how universities will work in the future. E³UDRES² integrates challenge-based education, mission-oriented research, human-centred innovation as well as open and engaged knowledge exchange as interrelated core areas and aims to establish an exemplary multi-university campus across Europe.

Possibilities for students and researchers

  • If you are a student studying at one of the institutions part of the E³UDRES² Alliance, you can sign up and be listed in the Bank of Students! By being in this bank, you are eligible to work on different projects together with the E³UDRES² team according to the topics you are interested in. 
  • E³UDRES² aims to bring together researchers from different backgrounds to work on our research topics. Find out more here.
  • Moreover E³UDRES² offers various acitivities such as Bootcamps, Research living Labs, Science Pub Quizzes and many more challenges.

Find out more about E³UDRES²

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FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Tjoa Simon

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Simon Tjoa

Head of Department Academic Director Cyber Security and Resilience (MA) Academic Director Information Security (MA) International Coordinator Department of Computer Science and Security
Dr. Priebe Torsten

Dr. Torsten Priebe

Head of
Data Intelligence Research Group
Institute of IT Security Research
Lecturer Department of Computer Science and Security