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eudres.experience: Playfully Acquiring New Skills

Irene Auffret designs and accompanies E³UDRES² bootcamps and hackathons. Why everyone should take part in such a format.

Irene Auffret designs and accompanies E³UDRES² formats.
Copyright: FHSTP / Christoph Böhm

Irene Auffret is responsible for the division “Entrepreneurial University und Innovation” in the UAS service unit Research and Knowledge Transfer. She also contributes her expertise within the European University Alliance E³UDRES² where she serves as the Site Coordinator for the working package “Innovators & Entrepreneurs”. In this function, Irene co-designs various formats such as bootcamps and hackathons and accompanies their implementation as mentor – most recently, for example, the bootcamp on the topic of “Future Food” held in Hungary.

In this interview, she tells us what she finds particularly enriching about her job, and why she recommends all staff members to join at least one E³UDRES² format.

"Deeper Insight in Student Generation"

What is it that makes the E³UDRES² Bootcamps special for you?

For me, it’s incredibly rewarding in this format to work with young, international, and highly motivated people because it gives me a deeper insight into the generation of today’s students as well. My function as a mentor is a very broad one, both professionally and personally. Students from many different countries get together to collaboratively solve a real-world problem. Of course, they run into all kinds of challenges – as people are bound to do in every intensive format. The group dynamics, creativity, and respectful behaviour towards one another are particularly fascinating to me.

Which learnings are you taking away for yourself?

For me, these formats are more than a platform where I can share my knowledge and experience – I see them as a kind of personal training ground that allows me to learn new things through creative ideas, state-of-the-art knowledge, and open exchange.

How can UAS staff members contribute?

The hackathons, for example, are a format that everyone can participate in, regardless of whether they work in teaching, research, or administration. I absolutely recommend it to everyone, too. Firstly, I think it’s exciting to plunge into the “generation Z”, the generation of today’s students, and to work with them. Secondly, hackathons in particular are like a “playground” where we develop ideas and products in a safe environment and acquire or expand our entrepreneurial thinking. Intercultural communication, empathy, and tolerance play an extremely important role today – and not just in E³UDRES² bootcamps. This is why I would suggest that all colleagues join in a E³UDRES² format at least once.

 Bootcamp 2023 in Hungary on the topic of “Future Food” | © Eudres European University

Bootcamp 2023 in Hungary on the topic of "Future Food" | © Eudres European University 

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