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Good Evaluations by Company Partners

Internship Providers Report High Levels of Satisfaction with the St. Pölten UAS and its Students.

View of St. Pölten UAS

Our university of applied sciences offers its students an education with as much practical relevance as possible. Internships in companies are therefore an inherent part of the study programmes. To evaluate how satisfied the companies are with the quality of education at the St. Pölten UAS and with its students, the UAS conducted a survey with the internship providers. The St. Pölten UAS and its students received top grades.

Fruitful Cooperation

The companies were asked about the students’ professional and social competences. Professional competences included skills related to the specific study programmes and more general ones such as active problem-solving skills, aptitude for learning and English language proficiency. The interns scored particularly well in the area of team skills. The interns received an overall grade of 1.28 on a scale of 1 (very satisfied) to 6 (not satisfied at all). The companies also reported high levels of satisfaction with the collaboration with the St. Pölten UAS.

There was a subject-related part for each study programme to obtain results for each field of study and for the development of the sector. The participants included companies from the media and agency sector, the area of IT and technology, the healthcare sector, and the social services sector — depending on the focus area of each study programme.

Quality Assurance and Study Programme Development

The aim of the survey is to evaluate the internships and obtain an assessment by external expert, for example with regard to the development of the sector.

“These surveys are a central component of quality assurance. We use the results in programme development and within the framework of curriculum evaluations to improve our study programmes in the best possible way”, says Katalin Szondy, head of the service unit Higher Education Development at the St. Pölten UAS.

Good Image of the St. Pölten UAS — Best Higher Education Institution in the Region

As part of the survey, the St. Pölten UAS also asked the companies about its image. All of the company representatives had good associations with the St. Pölten UAS. They described the St. Pölten UAS as a particularly student-friendly and innovative institution with a good reputation in the region.

“The image of the St. Pölten UAS as a student-friendly and innovative university among the companies as the target group has been confirmed once again since the last survey was conducted back in 2018. The external perspective by company partners and potential future employers adds great value to our study programme evaluation and is an important component of our participatory quality development within the framework of quality management” says Johann Haag, Chief Operation Officer of the St. Pölten UAS.

Details on the Survey

The respondents were companies who offer internships to students of bachelor degree programmes of the St. Pölten UAS or carry out joint projects within the framework of dual study programmes. Around 240 company representatives participated in the survey. The survey was completed online.