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INPRO - Process Guide for interprofessional Teaching

Guides and Inspirations for the Development of Interprofessional Teaching Based on INPRO Experiences and Data from 2021

INPRO - Process Guide for interprofessional Teaching
Copyright: INPRO - Interprofessionalism in Action

Erasmus+ promotes research projects for the development of innovative teaching. The purpose of the project INPRO is for people graduating from health and social professions to develop competencies in interprofessional collaboration with a focus on functionality (pursuant to the WHO’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, ICF).

For 2021, these were the project’s focal points:

  • Documenting the status quo in interprofessional teaching in the INPRO partner countries (Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria)
  • Collecting ideas and needs of relevant stakeholders (clients, professionals, students, teachers, public health experts, administrators, managers) for interprofessional collaboration and teaching
  • Experimenting with different interprofessional teaching formats.

Developing Guides for Teachers

The collected data and experiences were used to develop a process guide with the purpose of guiding teaching staff in health and social professions in designing interprofessional, user-centred learning modules based on examples (Chokshi & Mann, 2018). There are two individual versions of the guide, one for each of the following two target groups:

Process Guide Practice Setting:

The “INPRO Process Guide for Educators in Practice Settings” describes, in five steps, the path of professionals towards designing interprofessional further trainings or interprofessional student education in practice.

Process Guide Higher Education Setting:

The “INPRO Process Guide for Educators in Higher Education Institutions (HEI)“ describes the path from the idea of offering interprofessional teaching through the necessary organisational steps and teacher training to the evaluation of the intervention.

Over the coming months until the end of 2022, the INPRO team will test and evaluate the two guides in terms of their applicability. Subsequently, they will be made available to the public in adjusted form.

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