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Long Night of Research & Campus Opening

More than 700 Visitors Experience Research First Hand at New St. Pölten UAS Campus

Science Busters Kids Edition Show

On 20 May, the Long Night of Research took place together with the Campus Opening. The St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences opened its doors to the public once again and presented exciting new research and science. At the centre of the event were digitalisation topics related to the influence of digital innovations on work, mobility, security, and the social and health sectors.

The Campus Opening kicked off the Long Night of Research. The Science Busters allowed children and adults alike to experience science up close and join in experiments.

More than 700 visitors seized the opportunity to look the UAS researchers over the shoulder, explore the Campus St. Pölten with its more than 20 labs, and experience innovative research first hands at approximately 40 stations. All six departments and research institutes as well as the Josef Ressel Center of the St. Pölten UAS, the Bertha von Suttner Private University, and the Institute for Jewish History in Austria were part of the event.

Statements on the Event

Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister, member of the provincial government

Matthias Stadler, mayor of St. Pölten

Hannes Raffaseder, Chief Research and Innovation Officer of the St. Pölten UAS

Gernot Kohl, Chief Executive Officer of the St. Pölten UAS

Peter Pantuček-Eisenbacher, Principal of the Bertha von Suttner Private University

Full Assembly Hall for Kids‘ Edition of Science Busters

The Kids‘ Edition of the Science Busters was the highlight of the Campus Opening. The large assembly hall was fully booked as 400 children and adults hungry for knowledge enjoyed this opportunity to experience science hands on and be inspired. With the “action passport for young researchers”, the kids could then explore the stations of the Long Night of Research on their own and asks our researchers questions.

Digitalisation in Research

Approximately 40 stations (25 of them interactive), campus.tours, presentations, a panel discussion, and an evening programme all had a common topic: digitalisation. How do digital innovations affect our work, mobility, data security, safety, social life, and health? This was illustrated by projects such as DiabPeerS, which features a messenger service for people with diabetics, and the project Emotional Tracking in which emotions are measured and analysed.

In the Makers’ Lab, one of the UAS’ roughly 20 labs, the visitors experimented with smart production tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters and measured their individual mobility behaviour by determining their own carbon footprint.

Campus St. Pölten – Campus of the Future

The new and innovative Campus St. Pölten accommodates the St. Pölten UAS and the Bertha von Suttner Private University. This “Campus of the Future” with cutting-edge teaching and learning spaces and future-oriented workstations was officially opened on 19 October 2021.

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