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Magazine ‘future‘ on Digital Teaching

The New Issue of the UAS Magazine Is Dedicated to Digital and Inclusive Teaching

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Tools, teams and tests: the digital transformation promotes new didactic concepts and changes teaching in higher education.

The latest issue of the magazine ‘future’ published by the St. Pölten UAS takes stock of how teaching has worked in times of the coronavirus pandemic – and how it could be improved further in future.

The Coronavirus as a Boost for the Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of teaching and learning received an unprecedented boost last year. Thanks to new didactic concepts and comprehensive support for students and lecturers, the St. Pölten UAS and other higher education institutions were able not only to facilitate the transition but also to gain valuable experiences for the future. But how many of these innovations are here to stay? Which developments in terms of e-learning and knowledge management will we face in the next couple of years? And is “e-learning” even the appropriate term at this point?

“In the 14th issue of our UAS magazine ‘future’, we take a look at the opportunities and challenges faced by universities and the working world when it comes to establishing forward-looking concepts and application methods in higher and further education”, says UAS Executive Director Gernot Kohl.

The Best of Two Worlds

The magazine’s dossier is dedicated to the facets of digital teaching and examines new methods, formats and technologies in learning. Reports and interviews provide answers and different perspectives, for example on whether on-site teaching has become obsolete, whether the future belongs to e-learning, what is behind the key competence of digital literacy, and how accessibility and inclusion can be ensured in digital teaching and learning.

New Campus, Learning App and More

Further issues addressed in the new magazine include a look at the new campus, a portrait of the learning app QuickSpeech, new competence teams for Health and Social Sciences, and a report on a semester spent in South Korea.

Future 14 – The Best of Both Worlds