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Statement on the Current Situation in Ukraine

Solidarity with affected students

Copyright: Ukraine

As a higher education institution which aims to contribute to an inclusive and open society, we are very concerned about the recent events in Ukraine and would like to express our heartfelt sympathy for everyone affected by them. The support opportunities offered by the St. Pölten UAS are open to all of our students. Given the present situation, we are in direct contact with students from the concerned areas. Furthermore, we have decided to waive the tuition fees for students from Ukraine in the current semester and to support applicants with further facilitations. You can find details here. 

A detailed statement of our European University EU3DRES2 and its European partner institutions can be found here.

Close coordination with FHK

St. Pölten UAS supports the measures proposed by the Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK) and is in close exchange regarding further steps to support those affected.

Read the statement of the FHK on the current situation here (in German).

Your help is important

Now is the time to support those people who need help in Ukraine or who are fleeing the war: