Fighting Violence against Women

Here you can find some helpful links and tips on the topic of “Fighting Violence against Women”, also beyond the period of the campaign “Orange the World”.

Orange the World

1/16 Safeguarding Human Rights

The global campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence“ calls attention to the fact that one in three women worldwide experiences violations of their human rights at some point in their lives. You can find details on the campaign on the websites of United Nations and UN Women Austria

Logo: Orange the World

2/16 Getting Involved, Listening to Affected Persons and Giving Them Room

Also online: There are various hashtags that address the topic such as #MeToo and # orangetheworld

3/16 Statistics – Violence against Women Is a Major Problem in Austria

  • 20 percent of all women have already been victims of physical and/or sexual violence.
  • 35 percent of all women have already been sexually harassed.
  • It is suspected that as many as 27 women have been murdered so far in 2023 (until 31/12/2023). Most of these femicides were committed by the women’s partners or family members.

Source and further figures: Autonome Frauenhäuser Österreich (AÖF)

End violence against women

4/16 Making All Genders Visible in Language

Some of you may have noticed that we use a so-called asterisk in words such as “Expert*in” and “Frauen*” in this text. This is because we strive to be an inclusive place for all. We want everyone to feel included and not discriminated against based on their identity.

In terms of concrete assistance, the UAS Board and the Executive Board have issued the new Guidelines for Inclusive Communication.

5/16 Taking Action, also as an Observer

Our Statute Part 3: Equality, Promotion of Women gives concrete advice on what you can do if you witness violence.

6/16 Violence Is Usually Male in Austria, and It Affects Us All

#sagwas and prevent violence. “Mann spricht’s an.” 

The Männerberatung der Caritas St. Pölten & NÖ-West (men’s counselling) offers an anti-violence training programme, among other services.

7/16 Involving the LGBTQIA+ Community

Raising awareness, counselling, and much more:

8/16 Today, 3 December, Is the International Day of Disabled Persons

With the campaign #PurpleLightUp, we send visible signals worldwide to draw attention to the general and creative potential of people with disabilities and to their significance for society.

Women with disabilities tend to be more likely to be affected by violence. Help is offered, e.g., by:

Cover Kraftrucksack

9/16 Raising Awareness for Sexualised Violence

“Don’t wear skirts on the underground.” “Never leave your drink unattended.” “Careful when being too nice to a man, you might be misunderstood.” “Try not to be impolite. In case of physical aggression, you’ll be at a disadvantage.”

Many women and girls know these and similar rules and seemingly well-meant pieces of advice. However, they do nothing to prevent women against violence – on the contrary: more attention has to be paid to this topic. It is the only way to increase awareness for sexualised violence in society, thereby minimising risks for women.

This video was created within the framework of our campus channel c-tv and the bachelor degree programme Media Technology.

  • Text & performance: Elena Sarto
  • Directed ba: Helene Sorger
  • Camera: Barbara Fuchs
  • Lighting: Barbara Fuchs, Tanja Ploner
  • Sound: Tanja Ploner
  • Editing: Elisabeth Ehrenhauser

10/16 Empowering Women*

One way of empowering women at the St. Pölten UAS is by supporting young women* in choosing technical careers.

Frau mit Brille vor einem Zahlencode am Bildschirm

11/16 Support: Women’s Helpline

Under the nationwide Frauenhelpline (women’s helpline) against violence (0800 222 555), affected persons and their environment receive free assistance 24/7, 365 days a year, anonymous, and in several languages.

Services for Survivors of Violence

12/16 Support: Peers4You.

Our Peers4You are a contact point for all kinds of problems. Trained students offer support and advice at eye level.

13/16 Sending a Signal

Women can use a discreet hand signal to ask for help without words, for example during a video call.

More information: “The discreet TikTok signal as women’s silent cry for help”, Der Standard, 15/11/2021 (in German)

14/16 What to Do against Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Act-4Respect offers assistance.

Orange the world

15/16 All-Gender Toilets

Our all-gender toilets can be a safe space for trans, inter*, and non-binary persons and thus prevent discrimination and insecurity. The Campus St. Pölten offers all-gender toilets in both buildings.

Speak out

16/16 Reaching out

If you have requests and concrete ideas with regard to the prevention of violence or to Gender & Diversity at the St. Pölten UAS, please feel free to contact us.

You want to know more? Feel free to ask!
Mag. Nöstlinger Katharina Maria, MA

Mag. Katharina Maria Nöstlinger, MA

Gender & Diversity
Service and Competence Centre for Higher Education Development and Quality Management