FH-Prof. Romana Bichler, PT, MAS

Deputy Academic Director Digital Healthcare (MA)
Department of Health Sciences
Department of Media and Digital Technologies
  • Health Sciences
  • Media and Digital Technologies
Study programmes:
  • Digital Healthcare (MA)
  • Physiotherapy (BA)
  • Institute of Health Sciences

Selected Publications

Lessons learned from field tests for methods of user evaluation in safety critical systems
Michelberger Frank, Rottermanner Gernot, Bichler Romana, Judmaier Peter, In: Proceedings of the 2nd German Workshop on Rail Human Factors, 2nd German Workshop on Rail Human Factors, Braunschweig, ISBN: 987-3-937655-39-0, 08.03.2016.
Gender- und Diversity-Kriterien im sicherheitskritischen Arbeitsumfeld
Michelberger Frank, Judmaier Peter, Rottermanner Gernot, Größbacher Stefanie, Viertelmayer Andrea, Bichler Romana, Laser Birgit, et al. , Berlin, epubli (neopubli GmbH), URL:https://www.epubli.de/shop/buch/51924, ISBN: 978-3-7418-0996-5, 2016.