FH-Prof. Dr. Brian Horsak

Department of Health Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Media and Digital Technologies
Study programmes:
  • Digital Healthcare (MA)
  • Physiotherapy (BA)
  • Institute of Health Sciences

Selected Publications

KAVAGait: Knowledge-Assisted Visual Analytics for Clinical Gait Analysis
Wagner Markus, Slijepcevic Djordje, Horsak Brian, Rind Alexander, Zeppelzauer Matthias, Aigner Wolfgang, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), vol. Early Access, 02/2018.
Ground reaction force measurements for gait classification tasks: Effects of different PCA-based representations
Slijepcevic Djordje, Horsak Brian, Schwab Caterine, Raberger Anna-Maria, Schüller Michael, Baca Arnold, Breitender Christian, et al. In: Gait & Posture, 26th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Movement Analysis in Adults and Children (ESMAC), 57, Trondheim, Norway, pp. 4-5, URL: http://www.gaitposture.com/article/S0966-6362(17)30712-9/pdf, 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2017, 2017.