Mag. Gabriele Skacel

Associate Lecturer
  • Health Sciences
Study programme:
  • Dietetics (BA)
Continuing Education Course:
  • Applied Nutritional Therapy (acad.)

Selected Publications

Case report: effects of a 12-week strength and neuromuscular exercise programme on body composition and nutritional intake
Kreissl Alexandra, Jorda Anselm, Truschner K, Skacel Gabriele, Greber-Platzer Susanne, In: Obesity Facts – The European Journal of Obesity, 25th European Congress on Obesity (ECO 2018), 11, Vienna, Austria, pp. SUPPL1, 2018.
Praxis der Energie- und Nährstoffberechnung
Karner Gabriele, Skacel Gabriele, In: Ernährungsmedizin. published by Widhalm Kurt, Wien, Verlagshaus der Ärzte, pp. 276-287, ISBN: 3-7691-0594-X, 2009.