Cyber Security and Resilience*

Master degree programme

  • Degree:
    Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)
  • Duration:
    4 semesters
  • Language:
  • Organisational form:
  • Study places/year:
  • Tuition fees/semester:
    EUR 363.36 (for students from third countries: EUR 1,500) + student union fee
  • Application deadline:
  • openday:
    Mar 13, 2020 Details
  • master.monday: 09.03.2020
  • Admission dates:
    individual appointments
  • *
    subject to the accreditation by the AQ Austria (Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria)

Create secure cyber infrastructures

The strong dependence on digital technologies in all areas of life and business calls for secure and resilient information and communications systems.

Our new English-language master degree programme is the ideal preparation for an activity in the cyber security and resilience sector which is in strong economic demand. The programme gives you not only comprehensive technical and organisational security competencies, but also expert knowledge of new technologies (such as artificial intelligence).

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Top Career Opportunities

The dual structure of the master degree programme allows our students to put their acquired know-how into practice within the framework of projects with targeted mentoring. In this way, you achieve the best possible learning outcomes and are well prepared for current challenges.

Learn more about your career opportunities with this degree.

Modern infrastructure

Netzwerktechnik LaborHigh-quality technical equipment and four modern network technology labs offer you every possibility to explore your talents and interests. Thanks to VPN solutions, as a student you can use all resources outside the campus as well.

Research in the Computer Science & Security Department

Research in the field of computer science and digitalisation is a top priority of the St. Pölten UAS which enjoys an excellent reputation at the national and international levels, particularly when it comes to the areas of Cyber Security & IT Security and Data Analytics & Visual Computing.

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