Data Science and Business Analytics

Bachelor programme

Data Scientist: a job profile with a future

Since the beginning of the digital age, the amount of available data has massively increased. Data is considered today to be THE raw material of the future and will be essential for dealing with many challenges in various fields of application such as medicine, finance or marketing. Data science provides the tool for handling this data. However, experts in this area are currently in short supply.

Internet of Things

Data science is already pervasive in everyday life such as personalised film and series recommendations for customers on video-streaming platforms. It can also be found in the form of smart voice-activated assistants, which have been revolutionised by the internet of things and we increasingly encounter in apartments or houses.

Digitalisation, big data & artificial intelligence

The growth in the amount of data that accompanies the digitalisation of all areas of work and life also increases curiosity about the hidden knowledge in the data. Data science allows one to process this enormous amount of unstructured data and thereby to answer questions.

Modern Infrastructure

Innovative Teaching Methods