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Data Scientist: a Job Profile with a Future

Wanted: Data Scientists! How do the processes behind artificial intelligence work? How can a company be digitally transformed? In the Data Science and Business Analytics degree programme, we train you to become experts in dealing with data. We prepare you optimally for the complex tasks and make you data experts - whether in the healthcare sector, in business or in industry.

Data Science Studierende Tisch

Modern Infrastructure

St. Pölten UAS has four cutting-edge network-technology laboratories that can be used around the clock and outside of the campus. This creates an excellent learning environment in which the latest technologies can be ideally taught.

Innovative Teaching Methods

The study programme uses modern didactic concepts. Teaching blocks allow you to concentrate intensively on a certain subject. In addition, approaches of project-based and exploratory learning provide the opportunity to experience data science first hand through competitions, guest lectures, conference visits and much more.

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