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The future of communication is digital and sustainable. Our part-time degree programme prepares you ideally for this future - with a strong practical orientation, a focus on digitalisation and sustainability, excellent communications and English skills as well as profound legal and economic knowledge. Become an expert in digital and sustainability communications in just 2 years!

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Our part-time degree programme is the best way to prepare you for a career in Corporate Communications, Public and Investor Relations or Sustainability Communications.

Knowledge with strong practical relevance

The degree programme is closely linked to the practice community. Whether visits to renowned professional conferences or practical projects with companies - we ensure the best possible networking and development opportunities for you already during your studies.

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What is Digital Reporting all about?

Digital Reporting involves the changeover from traditional reporting to holistic digital and communicative reporting. This includes

  • the development of digital communication and reporting strategies,
  • the establishment of digital infrastructure and content management system,
  • the implementation of digital processes and tools, and finally
  • the conception of digital business and sustainability reports in which content creation, data visualisation, and web design also play a decisive role alongside facts and figures.

This is another field where the use of AI is indispensable.

Digital Reporting builds on dialogue and interaction. The processing of reporting content for social media (push reporting) and the adaptation of reports for mobile devices (mobile reporting) are integral components of this as well. Videos, infographics, and audio formats provide stakeholders with insights into companies and enrich reports in a contemporary manner.

The third pillar of digital reporting is the establishment and management of relationships between companies and all relevant third-party service providers such as providers of content management systems, agencies, web designers, and programmers supporting the implementation of digital reporting initiatives. 

What is Sustainability Communications?

Sustainability Communications comprises all communication agendas of a company aimed at informing all stakeholders about the ESG initiatives and entering into dialogue with them.

The purpose is to cultivate relationships and build trust through transparent and credible communication and reporting. This includes the conception of a communication and reporting strategy oriented towards sustainability, the development of (digital) sustainability reports, and the establishment of an ESG website and social media communication.

The meaning of Sustainability Communications

Sustainability Communications is of strategic significance for companies. It forms the basis for ratings, thus exerting a direct influence on corporate financing. Investors increasingly take their decisions depending on whether companies are sustainable, act with social responsibility, and are able to demonstrate this in a transparent and trustworthy manner. Suppliers are encouraged to work with sustainable companies. Likewise, customers attach more and more importance to companies that are environmentally friendly and aware of their social responsibility. Therefore, the persons responsible for Sustainability Communications play leading roles in companies.

What does Investor Relations refer to?

Investor Relations (IR) is part of corporate communications.

In stock exchange-listed companies in particular – but not exclusively in these – IR is responsible for all activities aimed at establishing confidence on the part of the financial community and other stakeholders as well as maintaining it through holistic and transparent communication of the strategy, financial performance, and ESG agendas.

IR is a strategic management function with the goal of conveying an authentic image of the company to the general public and the financial markets, explaining the company’s business model and future prospects, and highlighting the added value for shareholders and stakeholders.

Important IR stakeholders are:

  • Rating agencies and analysts
  • Private and institutional investors
  • Capital markets, exchange markets, and supervisory authorities
  • News agencies and media
  • Employees
  • Third-party service providers
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

What IR managers do:

The activities of IR managers are diverse. Their most important tasks include the company’s positioning as an attractive investment option, the ongoing communication with all stakeholders, the writing of business and sustainability reports, the organisation of IR-relevant events such as general meetings, capital markets days, roadshows, and press conferences, the maintenance of the IR website, and the coordination of the company’s social media presence.

IR managers have to know the company exceptionally well, which is why they are in constant exchange with all divisions and especially with the management.

How is the part-time study programme organised?

Classes are held on Fridays and Saturdays with a balanced mix of on-site and online teaching. Up to 50% of classes are online, which allows students to manage their time flexibly.

Individual coachings, for example within the framework of practice-based projects, are geared towards students’ temporal requirements and possibilities.

In which sectors can I work after completing my studies?

Upon completion of this degree programme, our graduates have all necessary competencies for an international career in (stock exchange-listed) companies and communication agencies, in the capital markets, in auditing, and in editorial offices for economics and news agencies.

Our graduates are particularly sought after in these areas:

  • Corporate communications & public relations
  • Investor relations & corporate reporting
  • Sustainability communications & reporting
  • Communications consulting in PR, IR, and event agencies 

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