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The twofold purpose of this app is to improve users’ breathing through exercises and to ensure good communication between users and therapists.



Across all groups of the population, people suffer from stress, tension, and anxiety. The feeling of hopelessness, combined with prolonged sitting and constant musings that are heavy on our hearts, causes our breathing to become compressed and shallow, or may even make us hold our breath.

This is where the product “Airapy” comes in.
Proper breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which leads to immediate relief.


Airapy is intended for users who want to improve their breathing through specific exercises. With the help of their therapist, users receive professional feedback on their performance. In order to record the exercises, users require a mobile device in the form of a smartphone or tablet as well as a sensor that is worn on the body with the help of a chest or abdominal belt. With the assistance of an app, the performance can be saved and finally shared for evaluation. The device used should have a good network connection to the server to ensure secure communication between users and therapists. In terms of service, technical support is available – for example, to help with the app or point to indications if problems occur with the hardware.