MA in Film, TV & Media – Creation and Distribution

Continuing Education Course
  • Qualification awarded:
    Master of Arts (MA)
  • Duration:
    4 semesters
  • Organisational form:
    1. & 2. semester: blocked units on Fridays and Saturdays; 3. & 4. semester: blocked units on Thursdays - Saturdays
  • Language of instruction:
  • Tuition fees:
    EUR 13,960 + ÖH contribution
  • Start of course:
    winter term 2016/17
  • Location:
    Salzburg and St. Pölten
  • Trainer:
    Rosa von Suess
  • Co-operation partner:
    WIFI Salzburg
  • To register please e-mail:

This master programme places a strong emphasis on problem solving and user-focused TV and film production know-how. It combines cross-platform moving image production with integrated media-sector business studies. Graduates have the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required to develop, finance and create film and media productions.

The MA in Film, TV & Media – Creation and Distribution is offered in partnership with WIFI Salzburg.