Career Prospects

Bachelor programme Media Technology

Media content production and design is an increasingly important, steadily growing sector of the economy, which demands the highest levels of expertise and creativity from employees.

Due to the well-founded education, you will be able to work in professional fields such as planning, conception, development, design, consulting and technical sales. Possible professional areas are:

  • Interactive entertainment and teaching/learning media
  • Interactive media installation
  • Mobile (business) applications
  • Game Engineering
  • Information visualisation
  • Online presence
  • Motion picture (video and animation)
  • Studio technology and production
  • TV and radio production
  • Event and performance
  • Video and audio technology
  • Media design (moving image and audio)
  • Experimental media production

Are you destined for one of these jobs?

Sound designer (video, film, TV or radio)

Sound designers take care of everything connected with a media product’s soundtrack. They are involved in all stages of media production – from the initial ideas and planning to recording speech, sound effects and music, as well as mixing and mastering in post-production.

Video producer, video technician or production manager

People in these roles are involved in the creation of film, video and TV productions – either on the technical side (e.g. video technician, digital image technician or camera assistant), the creative side (e.g. camera operator, managing editor or 2D/3D operator), or the corporate/organisational side (e.g. video/TV producer, broadcast designer or production manager).

Application developer, solution engineer, usability engineer, (mobile) web designer

These people are experts in the programming, usability and/or design of internet applications. They create and implement applications and installations for specific target groups based on a brief for a range of mobile and other devices. In addition to their expert know-how, they require very good communication, organisational and team-working skills. They also need to be creative and able to work under pressure.