Career Prospects

Bachelor programme Media Technology

The creation and design of media content and applications is a significant and steadily growing industrial sector making great demands on the expertise and creativeness of employees.

Occupational fields

Advanced course "Interactive media"

Planning, conception, consulting, design, development, administration, technical distribution for

  • Internet presences
  • interactive entertainment and education/training media
  • interactive media installations and visualisations
  • mobile (business) applications
  • e-government, e-business, e-learning

Advanced course "Audio/Video"

Planning, conception, development, design, , consulting, administration, technical distribution for

  • moving image (video and animation)
  • studio technology and production
  • experimental media productions
  • TV and radio advertising
  • event and performance
  • video and audio technology
  • media design (moving image and audio)

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Sound designer for video, film, television or radio

They are responsible for all matters relating to the soundtrack of a media product. All phases of media production are covered, from the conception and planning, through the recording of speech, sounds and music to the mixing and mastering in the post-production.

Video producer, video technician, production manager

They are engaged in the design of film and video as well as TV productions - either from a technical (video technician, digital image technician, material assistant), from creative-conceptual (camera operator, editor CvD, 2-D-, 3-D-operator) or from an organizational perspective (video-, TV producer, TV designer, production manager).

Application developer, solution engineer, usability engineer, (mobile) web designer

They are responsible for the programming, the usability and /or the design of internet applications. Applications and installations are designed and implemented on the basis of given problems and in a manner that is appropriate to the target group and optimized for various (mobile) devices. In addition to knowledge of the subject, the work requires good communication and coordination skills, the ability to work in a team, creativity and the ability to work under pressure.