Master Course Social Pedagogics

Continuing Education Course
  • Graduation:
    Master of Arts in Social Pedagogics (MA)
  • Length of course:
    4 semesters, 120 ECTS
  • Organisational form:
    part-time programme (blocked units and online)
  • Language of instruction:
  • Study places/year:
  • Tuition fees/sem.:
    EUR 2,250 + ÖH contribution
  • Location:
    St. Pölten UAS
  • Leader of course:
    Mag. Andrea Nagy
  • Application:

Graduates are qualified to take on managerial positions and have proven in a master thesis the ability to systematically research questions of professional advancement and complex correlations of social pedagogics and to deduce conceptual conclusions.  

The master programme addresses people with relevant pre-qualification and work experience, who want to deepen their knowledge and skills for conceptual work and management activities.

Social pedagogics - Social work

Social pedagogics is closely related to social work. Social work rather focuses on consulting activities and problem managing. A strict demarcation between social work and social pedagogics is hardly possible.

The 4-semester master course is didactically structured according to the Inverted-Classroom-System and focuses on research-oriented and self-organised learning. The formulation or master theses take place in the team in conjunction with a research project. Mentoring and the formulation of an individual educational plan, alongside the standard teaching offerings, make it possible to develop an individual focus in a self-chosen social pedagogical field of application.

Research at the Department of Social Sciences

The Ilse Arlt Institute at the St. Pölten UAS bundles and organises research and development activities of relevant subjects around the study programmes Social Sciences.