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MA in Social Pedagogy

Academic Studies & Further Education

Graduates of the MA in Social Pedagogy are qualified to assume management positions. The dissertation they have completed is evidence of their ability to systematically address questions relating to professional development and complex interrelationships within social pedagogy and draw conclusions as a basis for planning and decision making.  

This programme is aimed at people with related existing qualifications and experience who wish to acquire advanced knowledge and expertise for the performance of planning and management tasks.

Social Pedagogy and Social Work

Social pedagogy and social work are closely connected. Social work places a stronger emphasis on providing advice services and helping people to deal with specific problems. It is difficult to make a clear distinction between the two.

This four-semester programme employs flipped classroom teaching methodology and foregrounds research-based, self-directed learning. Students work on their dissertations, which are linked to research projects, as part of a team. Thanks to mentoring and individual study plans, students can focus on a specific area of social pedagogy of their choosing which does not form part of the standard curriculum.

Research at the Department of Social Sciences

The Ilse Arlt Institute at St. Pölten UAS bundles together and coordinates the research and development activities tied to the university's social work degree programmes.

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