Campus & City Radio St. Pölten


Campus and City Radio St. Pölten is the educational radio station of St. Pölten UAS and a free community radio station for citizens of the city. The programme has been broadcast terrestrially for more than 20 years on the 94.4 frequency in St. Pölten and the surrounding area as well as via online live stream. This is the origin of the station's second name: CR 94.4.

In a state-of-the-art studio, the station teaches the craft of moderation, journalistic programme design and audio production. Students from all degree programmes can take part. Well-known radio presenters started their careers in the radio business here, for example:

  • Lisa Hotwagner and Martin Ziniel - Ö3
  • Anita Ableidinger and Theo Kämmerer - Kronehit
  • Lukas Lottersberger - FM4
  • Theresa Rogl - Radio Arabella

Practical productions: Students as radio producers

Student assistants take on key tasks such as music planning and contact with music labels, the station's social media presence, technical support for the radio studio and conducting interviews with well-known artists at Frequency or the Nova Rock Festival.

Students from all degree programmes have access to Campus & City Radio St. Pölten via the free subject "Radio - Words and Report Design", which is led by UAS lecturer Dave Dempsey (FM4 morning show). In the Media Management and Media Technology degree programmes, productions for CR 94.4 are embedded in regular courses.

Programmes by students to listen to

CR 94.4: A free radio station for the community

As a free radio station, CR 94.4 is a member of the Association of Free Radio and is non-commercial, non-partisan and inclusive, and is committed to the code of honour of the Austrian press. Community radio enables interested citizens to bring their topics and concerns on air in their own programmes. Free workshops are regularly offered for this purpose.

CR 94.4 radio programmes have already been awarded the Adult Education Radio Prize several times.

Free radio programmes to listen to