Self-Study Spaces

Plenty of Room for Learning

The Campus St. Pölten has self-study spaces for students in both buildings and on all floors.

Students can use them to

  • study in small group settings,
  • work on projects (either alone or with others),
  • share experiences,
  • or just talk.

At the same time, these spaces are well-suited for uncomplicated and low-threshold exchange between students and lecturers.

For this reason, we made a conscious effort to provide them with different furniture styles – and there is a generous number of power sockets, especially in building B.

Selbstlernzonen im Gebäude B

The writable (pin)boards are here to be used.

The self-study spaces labelled “Communicative Study Zone” and “Silent Study Zone” (building B, 1st floor) are equipped with writable boards and pinboards.

To put these spaces to the best possible use, students can borrow “student boxes” and presentation kits specifically put together for this purpose from the CSC as of January 2023 by providing their student ID number.

These sets include, e.g., whiteboard pens and sponge, pins, magnets, presentation cards, scissors, tape, and glue.

Where do I find which self-study spaces?

In addition to practice and teaching, another focus of our UAS is on studying, which is why self-study spaces are distributed all over the campus:

📍Building A – ground floor:

  • Lounge (A.0.01): tables, chairs and sofas
  • In the area connecting buildings A and B: tables and chairs
  • Outside Lecture Hall 2: high tables and chairs

📍Building A – 1st to 3rd floors:

  • Opposite the Seminar Rooms: tables, chairs, and sofas (SR A.1.12, A.1.13, A.2.13, A.3.12)
  • Lounges with vending machines in the hall area: tables, chairs, and sofas

📍Building B – ground floor:

  • In the area opposite the Canteen: tables and chairs

📍Building B – 1st floor:

  • Communicative Study Zone: flexibly adjustable tables and chairs, writable board and pinboard
  • Silent Study Zone: tables, chairs, and writable board
  • In addition, building B has wooden furniture and chairs at both ends of the staircase and in the passageway to building A.



Self-study spaces with PC workstations

  • Building A: A.0.06
  • Building B: B.1.01
  • Library

Selbstlernzone in der Bibliothek

Download Navigation Guide (PDF) – Note: Not all self-study spaces are marked on the map yet.

Part of the virtual tour 

Get the study feeling at home: This self-study space is part of the virtual tour – take a look now!

Self-Study Zone in der virtuellen Tour