Health Labs

Teaching and training – the labs are perfectly suited for practical classes within the framework of the bachelor degree programme Healthcare and Nursing and the further training programme Preclinical Treatment and Care. This is where theory can be directly translated into practice!

Space Concept

The room concept of the Health Labs encompasses two areas:

  1. A seminar room for teaching with highly modern technical equipment
  2. A clinical area with hospital beds for practical training exercises. These areas can be individually adjusted to different requirements, settings, and competence levels and thereby allow for professional simulation.
    • 3 x for 28 people with at least 4 hospital beds
    • 1 x for 28 people with at least 2 hospital beds
    • 1 x for 32 people with 6 hospital beds


The labs’ extensive equipment includes:

  • An audiovisual multi-perspective recording and debriefing system for professional simulation
  • Modular patient simulators
  • Training units for patient care skills to acquire specific capabilities such as:
    • Realistic catheterisation units
    • Blood drawing units
  • Clinical equipment, e.g.:
    • Modern hospital beds
    • Mobilisation aids (such as Thekla chairs, rollators, and wheelchairs)
    • Infusomats & Perfusors
    • Care and bandage trolleys
    • Different types of imaging processes and monitoring systems (such as BladderScan, pulse oximetry, glucose monitoring, BGA analysis, ECG analysis, Nursing Anne, Resusci Anne)
  • Various training materials and aids for patient care as well as different training scenarios (nursing scenarios) including:
    • Personal care
    • Mobilisation and positioning
    • Incontinence care
    • Wound management
    • Reanimation and primary aid
  • WigaSoft patient documentation WicareIDoc
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Modern screens, whiteboards
  • And much more

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Where can I find the labs on campus?

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