Industry 4.0 Lab

With the new Industrie 4.0 Lab, a space for practice-oriented teaching and self-designed learning was created on approx. 60 m². The aim is to offer students and interested parties an environment for teaching and testing current digitalisation and Industry 4.0 use cases and technologies.

The laboratory equipment of the Industrie 4.0 Lab is oriented towards the workplaces of tomorrow, where human-machine interaction and new forms of data transmission will become part of everyday life.

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Industrie 4.0 Lab 2 Industrie 4.0 Lab 4
Industrie 4.0 Lab 1

At several thematically assigned table islands, for example, learning installations from the areas of

  • vision systems,
  • training robots or
  • IoT middleware (Internet of Things)

can be used.

Part of the virtual campus tour

360-degree view! Discover the Industry 4.0 Lab in the virtual tour.

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Where can I find the lab on campus?

📍 Industry 4.0 Lab: A.1.03b  Download Navigation Guide (PDF)