German Language Classes & Cultural Programme

Immerse yourself in German language and Austrian culture – language and cultural programme for international students

German Language Classes

German 1, 3 ECTS credits

For learners without previous knowledge of German
Lecturer: Helma Spannagl-Schmoll

German 2, 3 ECTS credits

For learners with some knowledge of German on the first basic user level of CEFR
Lecturer: Doris Simhofer

German 3, 3 ECTS credits

For learners who exceed the first basic user level
Lecturers: Doris SimhoferHelma Spannagl-Schmoll

Placement tests and consultation for learners of all levels at the beginning of the semester. Information on the date will follow.

Cultural Programme

Scouting Austrian Culture, 3 ECTS credits

Language of instruction: English
Workshop sessions on Austrian culture: collecting and contributing facts and experiences on Austrian geography, history, arts, music and further topics of interest, including participation in excursions.
Lecturers: Doris SimhoferHelma Spannagl-Schmoll

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