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Questioning the Status Quo

Questioning the Status Quo

Gerda Krumböck

Head of Human Resources at the Pressehaus in St. Pölten

The current edition of our magazine “future” is dedicated to the topic of Future Work Skills. We have asked human resources experts which competencies they look for in prospective employees today – and which ones will be relevant ten years from now.

Gerda Krumböck, head of human resources at the Pressehaus in St. Pölten (NÖN/BVZ) and part-time lecturer at the St. Pölten UAS:

“Apart from the relevant professional qualifications, good employees have the following (non-exhaustive list of) characteristics that are indispensable for the success of a company today and still will be ten years from now: they complete tasks even if they are not part of their job description, they can be peculiar (eccentric) at times, they know when to hold back, they praise other staff members, they question the status quo, and they hate standstills.”