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A Law Lecture with Practical Relevance

Students Attend Trial in Court

Students at the Regional Court St. Pölten
Copyright: Verena Gram

After the outing had to be postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic, interested second-semester students of the academic further education programme Preclinical Treatment and Care finally had the opportunity to attend a trial at the Regional Court St. Pölten together with the lecturer and legal expert Verena Gram this August.

Following the trial for attempted murder, presiding judge Weichhart took the time to answer the students’ questions in much detail.

Course with interesting case excamples 

The course “Occupation-Specific Legal Basics in the Healthcare Sector” is an inherent part of professional training both in the bachelor degree programme Healthcare and Nursing and in the further education programme Preclinical Treatment and Care.

The discussion of legally interesting case examples and correct decision-making contributes significantly to the assurance of quality in and outside the hospital, the more so as our graduates operate largely autonomously both in the healthcare and nursing sector and in preclinical settings. Their study programmes provide the perfect preparation for future challenges on the job.