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Applying Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation

The latest research findings on potential fall risk when walking in virtual environments were presented at the 9th World Conference on Biomechanics

Applying Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation
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For the ninth time, the World Conference on Biomechanics took place, this time as a hybrid event in Taipei (Taiwan). The World Congress on Biomechanics has become one of the most prestigious forums for the exchange of new ideas, technologies, and knowledge across a broad spectrum of biomechanics, both in basic and applied clinical research.

Brian Horsak presented current research from his Motor Rehabilitation research group at CDHSI in the session "Locomotion and Virtual Reality." He and his team were able to demonstrate how walking in virtual environments affects postural control and dynamic balance using sophisticated 3D gait analysis in the Digital Health Lab. Their findings have direct implications for the development of virtual reality applications in rehabilitation.

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FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Horsak Brian

FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Brian Horsak

Head of Center for Digital Health and Social Innovation Senior Researcher Institute of Health Sciences Department of Health Sciences