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”Everyone Contributes Their Strengths“

Orin D’Hauwer from Antwerp is spending a semester in St. Pölten – and wants to move sustainable companies into the limelight.

Working on real-world problems for one semester, together with students from all over the world and with experts from various disciplines: for Orin D’Hauwer from Belgium, it was an easy decision to spend her semester abroad in St. Pölten. “Being able to collaborate with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds was an opportunity that I simply had to seize.” D’Hauwer is a Social Work student at the AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Antwerp and is currently working on the solution to a very concrete problem together with her iLab project group: helping people to pursue are more sustainable lifestyle.

Finding Solutions

In collaboration with her project partners from Spain and France, D’Hauwer is making an effort to bring people in urban regions into contact with companies and initiatives that pursue a sustainable business model. “For Vienna, we have compiled a map with hiking and walking tours that establishes contact with sustainable companies in a playful manner. For every route the participants have completed, they can collect a little reward”, explains D’Hauwer. “In our group, students with technical, economic, and social backgrounds all contribute their strengths. These different perspectives are very helpful when it comes to finding solutions to the various challenges.”

Her Loyal Companion: The Camera

What D’Hauwer appreciates most about St. Pölten are the many opportunities to spend time with her fellow students. “Everything is only a short train ride away. We like to go hiking in the Lilienfeld region or go on city trips to Vienna and Bratislava”, the 25-year-old says. The one thing that is never missing on her trips is her camera. “I studied photography before taking up social work, so it goes without saying that I take lots of pictures wherever I go.”

Record Number of International Students

In addition to the six international students currently studying in the iLab, another 41 students from 25 countries are spending a semester abroad at the St. Pölten UAS at the moment – a new record. “It is truly great that the UAS offers such an international environment and a family-like atmosphere at the same time. A semester abroad in St. Pölten is definitely something that I will recommend to my colleagues in Belgium”, emphasises D’Hauwer.

Information on the iLab

The iLab is open to both UAS students and international students. Information on how to apply can be found at ilab.fhstp.ac.at.

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Dürnberger Judith, MA

Judith Dürnberger, MA

Team Member Incoming Student Mobility
Office for International Relations