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Female Innovators in Research and Teaching

Alexandra Anderluh and Kerstin Blumenstein participated in the female innovators’ programme

Alexandra Anderluh and Kerstin Blumenstein
Copyright: St. Pölten UAS

The St. Pölten UAS’ Alexandra Anderluh and Kerstin Blumenstein participated in the female innovators’ programme INNOVATORINNEN by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). The programme supports women in research and innovation (R&I) and makes them visible. Researchers can apply for the programme by submitting innovative topics, which have a positive impact on the economy and society, and thereby further these ideas.

The programme entails empowerment for women’s personal and professional development, peer group exchange, and innovation sessions in a diverse group of 20 highly qualified women. The idea is to further research and innovation missions inside or outside the organisation, establish new networking contacts, and make more room for innovation.

Transformation of Transport and Mobility

Alexandra Anderluh, who is a researcher at the Carl Ritter von Ghega Institute for Integrated Mobility Research, submitted a project for the transformation of the transport and mobility sector. The project examines how climate and environmental goals can be achieved while ensuring that the measures remain in line with social and economic considerations.

“Truly sustainable transport and mobility reduce not only greenhouse gas emissions but also toxic emissions and noise. They are accessible and affordable for everybody and also make economic sense. I believe in this idea because I am convinced that a shift of the transportation and mobility sector towards true sustainability is essential if we wish to maintain our current environmental standards of living. The research I have done so far motivates me to pursue this idea. On the one hand, I could clearly demonstrate the importance of this topics and, on the other hand, I have highlighted weaknesses, especially of single measures in this fields that were implemented in an isolated manner”, explains Anderluh.

Research and Teaching

Kerstin Blumenstein, Academic Director of the degree programme Media Technology and researcher at the Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies submitted two project ideas to the programme: the first one is dedicated to 21st-century skills in technology-related study programmes, and the second one addresses information visualisation in museums.

“The programme and the empowerment workshops have encouraged me to focus on my competences and strengths which was a big help during my hearing for the position of Academic Director. The programme strengthens every participant in her individual situation and helps her to pursue her personal development”, says Blumenstein.

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Dr. Anderluh Alexandra

Dr. Alexandra Anderluh

Senior Researcher Carl Ritter von Ghega Institute for Integrated Mobility Research Department of Rail Technology and Mobility
FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Blumenstein Kerstin, BSc

FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Kerstin Blumenstein, BSc

Academic Director Media Technology (BA) Lecturer Department of Media and Digital Technologies